We never lose Friends in our Life

We never lose Friends in our Life

We never lose Friends in our Life

Real friends will stand beside you no matter what. The others are just out for what they can get from you.

If a friend dies you don’t really “lose” them, you just lose contact with them for a short time, but you’ll hopefully be reunited with them on the other side. ~ Youssef Daniel

Everyone has there own priorities. No one can stay forever because they have their own life too. People come, make friendship and when there life run according to there wish, they forget past links & connection because they have to maintain new relationship. ~ Dina Ismail 

If illness or injury are involved, but often times some people just fade away no matter how you try to maintain a friendship. It takes work on both sides, understanding and a want to maintain the friendship, but memories can still be beautiful. ~ Georgi Olenik 

People get sick, injured. Things change that are beyond our/their control. Always keep the love and loving memories in your heart. 

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