What to think once you arise in the morning?

What to think once you arise in the morning?

Life is sometimes very hard and I too have had days, but it does pass, it takes time and small steps, but you can improve your situation. Whatever it is! There are people who sadly don’t have the privilege of waking up to face a new day. We truly are the lucky ones, whatever pain we are going through. I hope things look brighter for you soon and you feel better about your life. ~ Debbie Wakefield

Make the most of life you never know when it will be taken and yes it is so sad when the young are taken before they have a chance to live. Life is tough very often you just need to carry on the best way you can. ~ Linda Pierce 

Make full use of everyday you wake up. Say a prayer. Spend quality with your family. Live as there is no tomorrow then you have no regret. ~ Awana Wong 

You truly are more grateful for life if you’ve ever had to spend more than 1 week in a hospital. When your breathing hospital air everyday, cannot go outside, etc. You really begin to appreciate being outdoors, breathing fresh air, feeling the wind in your hair, seeing greenery etc ~ Sarah Purpura 

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