When a person initiates a negative message or difficult attitude?

When a person initiates a negative message or difficult attitude

If they trigger a response and it last for more then 10 minutes, it is actually about you and not them. Meaning that it is something in your own past that is actually being triggered, its most likely from our childhood. We have to dycifer between what we are responsible for and what others are responsible for. For the most part, we are responsible for how we react and how long we let it linger in our beings. ~ Judy Kent

There are times a person receives a message as ‘difficult’ and/or ‘negative’ when in fact the goal of the speaker is to empower by pointing out dysfunctional behaviour. Parenting for example is taken that way. Enabling occurs when people believe that love is always trying ‘not’ to hurt another persons feelings. There are ways to deliver difficult and negative messages that fall under ‘good communication’. Its a skill everyone should learn. ~ Lara Sanchez

You give them satisfaction of ruining your day. Why do such a thing. Reverse the role be positive and change their day. ~ Lara Sanchez

Some people just want attention & they try to get it by controlling others. They can manipulate if you let them, but in reality they are just lonely & unhappy soul deep inside. ~ Sue Sanchez

When people are being nasty and I get to just pretend like I didn’t hear them or just ignore what they say. They usually get the hint and stop being so negative. ~ Kylene Zech

Ignoring is good and healthy for my soul. It works well and I see a positive reaction change when you return a positive message or behaviour. ~ Moon Ie

I choose to keep my power to myself and use it for the positive and not the negative. I will not respond. ~ Sandi Cabell

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