When I look into the eyes of an animal

When I look into the eyes of an animal

When I look into the eyes of an animal

They love, they hurt, they feel sad or lonely, they express with their eyes, and their loyalty to us. ~ Peggy McKenzie 

Watch an animals eyes, they would tell you everything you needed to know about it. If you ‘look’ closely you will find what you are looking for. ~ Kathy Farling 

When animals look into the eyes of a human they know who they can and cannot trust. Strange that as the ‘intelligent’ species we have not completely learned that yet. ~ Debbie Krieger 

We are family sharing a time and space together. they seem to understand that completely by nature.

I have looked into both and at least the animals are not fake. ~ John Carver 

I see so many humans treating animals like objects. This is terrible. People must be trained to treat animals like living and breathing creatures that need to be cared for with dignity. ~ Sam Thaman 

Who else can love like that? Spell dog backwards. ~ Tammy Lowdon 

They love us unconditionally; they never judge. I pray all peoples minds & hearts open up to all God’s creatures great & small. ~ Lori Willcox

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