When someone expects you to get angry

When someone expects you to get angry

When someone expects you to be angry

Silent and listen have the same letters. How perfect is it to listen and stay silent!
I have started getting really good at silence because I’m beginning to understand there is no way to argue with ignorance; it has no ears. ~ Debra Oare 
Being silent or calm in the face of adversity. We cannot control anyone else’s behavior but we can decide how we react and one person’s poor behavior does not excuse our own. ~ Megrock Mowle 
A meaningful silence is always better than a meaningless words.
I find people that scream at you are very rude especially when they are putting you down. It’s hard to refrain from sticking up for yourself. I feel people use me as a doormat for all of their own insecurities. I pray for my tongue to be silent and find a different approach to their rage and abuse toward me. ~ Marlene Fortini 
Do not engage with this type of behavior. It’s been hard for me as well to not defend myself, but I’ve found in the past that doing so just fuels their fire even more and ends up hurting both parties more. Silence is the best tool against people that try to tear you down with theirs harsh words and accusations. Be the better person. It does pay off. It tells the other person that you’re not going to be enraged by what they have to say any longer, that you choose to be happy, not miserable alongside them. ~ Angela Ramirez 

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