When someone loves you

When someone loves you

Words are cheap. Anyone can profess their love, but not mean it. Actions speak much louder.

You can see it in someone’s eyes without them even having to say it.

It feels very good to hear it from the person who truly loves you and it gives you strength.

You don’t treat someone badly if you love them. But I try to tell everyone I love “that I do love them.” I say it as much as I can. No one knows what is going to happen from day to day and you wish you could have the chance to say it. ~ Linda Dunham 

It’s the little things that make you know. Like making you feel protected; like telling you that you are gorgeous even when you know you don’t look your best; like showing you are excited to see me; small things like making sure that I feel loved and cared for, and a lot more. But believe me you can really tell when a man loves you. A lot of times we lie to ourselves but in your heart, deep down we know. ~ Amy McKay 

 It’s worse to hear “I love you” from someone who treats you like crap. I’ve lived that.  If you love me treat me like you do. 

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