When you finally meet the Right person

When you finally meet the Right person

When we know who we really are and what we really deserve and we don’t settle for anything else. This is when we get with the right one. ~ Sarah Jones 

It is a simple equation sick people attract sick people and healthy people attract healthy people. If I am sick a healthy person won’t even consider a relationship with me. If I am healthy a healthy person will be attracted to me. Repeating the same behavior over and over gets us the same results. If nothing changes nothing changes. I have 59 years of attracting sick people because I was sick. I finally did the work to become healthy on the inside. I attracted a healthy person and we have been together since. My therapist said had I not done the work she would have not even hesitated to consider me for a relationship. Enough about this. We can create a us without destroying a me. In the past two Mes got destroyed and never created a us. Two sickies will never make a wellie. ~ Christopher Scanlan 

You have to meet as many as it takes until God gets the right one ready for you. Sometimes it might take God longer than other times to get the right one perfectly ready, just for you. Be patient! Anything worth keeping takes time! Hang in there. ~ Patricia Hudson 

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