You can’t change how people treat you

You can't change how people treat you

When your reaction is not the action they are seeking, it backfires on them. Don’t be their puppet. ~ Denise Hecht

It’s like telling somebody not to twist your personality and attitude because your personality is you, your attitude on other hand depends upon the person reacting towards you. ~ Amigo Sinaguinan 

What people think and say about you is none of your business. How they treat you however is different and if you are treated badly then walk away and don’t look back.

It’s you who decide what you want in your life. If you want to be unhappy, you let other people’s behavior and comments having influence on you. When your emotions follow their words or reactions you can feel unstable and sometimes hurt. When you decide to be yourself you know your value and you react by following your heart that tells you what’s right or wrong. You will be stronger and happier because it’s you who is your own boss. Don’t let them take your soul. You can choose the way how to react to people around you. ~ Toi Inma 

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