You can’t control everything

You can't control everything

Don’t give up! It will work out for you, give it time!

Your life is always a reflection of your dominant thoughts and expectations. If you believe nothing works out for you it never will. If you’re completely clear with yourself and you think back many things that didn’t work out brought you exactly what you kept telling yourself to expect. For many that’s hard to hear. Some will even get angry about it, but it absolutely is the way of things. ~ Ginny Peluso 

I believe “this is my movie”. I take responsibility for my part in it. If there’s something I don’t like about my life, or movie, I change it. I am the director, the producer, the script writer and the main star. I want my movie to be fun, upbeat and sincere. I want to enjoy looking back at it when that time comes. I believe in the power of thought and positive suggestion and the effect of negative conjecture. I choose to trust that things will work out and the more I do, they do. Just trust and believe, then let it happen. It may not always work out the way you hoped or intended but being the star of your own movie you can, for the most part, let your actions and reactions shape how it turns out for you. ~ Christina Anthony 

The bad news is, time is flying fast. The good news is, you are the pilot. Focus on the smallest, most basic but essential things day to day, and make a list of 3 things you are grateful for. Breathing, health, strength, freedom, etc. These are not small things. From there build into other things, a good meal, one good friend (you only need one, as long as they are true), a great song, a beautiful sunset, a reason to smile or laugh in the course of your day. As you focus on these simple (yet powerful) gifts, the major challenges or disappointments you face seem less important. You are here. Every day is a new chance to make things better. You are not alone. From that foundation, you can do anything you put your mind to. It may be hard, but it is within your power. ~ Beth Werner 

The only person we can change is ourselves and I have found that if I focus on changing my attitude and actions and let others do the same it all works out as it should. Maybe not how we would prefer but if I am patient and keep moving forward it all falls into place. Let go have faith and believe it can be awesome and it will happen. ~ Beth Newman 

When I feel frustration or stress rising when working on a project I leave and go to yoga or meditation and as soon as I shift my vibration to one of relaxation it opens me up and I go back to my office and all my problems have dissolved. Solutions show themselves. I give up wanting control in order to have control. ~ Karen Klassen 

Whatever you put out, you will get it back in return. Negative out, negative in.

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