Before you start to judge me, step into my shoes

Before you start to judge me, step into my shoes

The shoes have a size though, not everyone can fit in.

We can’t judge others until you see clearly down their path.

People should really look at themselves first before they try to judge others.

You can never truly understand or appreciate the challenges of life another person faces from day to day. 

Everyone has a story and sometimes the deepest and hardest of struggles are too deep to share easily, and thinking well who would understand. Some people sadly, suffer more than others, in any society, that seems to be the call in nature but some can find strength they never knew they had to get through it. Never giving up hope that it will get better. Maybe not right away but one day and holding onto that can be a mighty force. ~ Christine Bell

Don’t judge others so you won’t be judged. Every one of us had dealt so many hardships in life especially older folks. We won’t get this far if we had not fought a good fight just to keep getting up after a fall. To you, maybe what you’ve gone through was overwhelming but for another person is just another stumbling block that you can push aside and what so heavy for them is nothing to you. Different situations/issues different level of perception. ~ Norma Powell 

If you walk down the street in another persons shoes, there you are in another persons shoes. You still would not have a clue how it feels to be that person. You would just be wearing their shoes. ~ Jeffrey Showell 

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Everyone has their own tale to tell. No one should ever judge another without first knowing the tale of the one they seek to judge.

Try to live that person’s life exactly the same way it went for them and you will see and feel the hardships they had to go through and understand the strength it took for them to overcome. Perhaps then, you will not judge. ~ Shirley Perkins 

Life is tough. We all go through different portals. No one knows what others have really experienced and nobody can take away what we have learned in this journey. What is next? What do we keep? Never judge lest you be judged yourself.

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