Don’t cheat anyone in relationship

Why people cheat

Some people like to have their cake and eat it regardless of the hurt they cause to their partners. ~ Jane Wheeler

Once there is cheating no matter what the circumstances are its over, its very hard you might forgive but its hard work. Those who cheat do not understand true love, its more conditional love and not the same. ~ Amber Adams

They shouldn’t cheat at all. If they are interested in someone else and are married, they need to go to marital therapy not end the relationship. Marriage is worth fighting for! It is heartache whether they cheat or get out because of being interested in someone else, it is better to make the cracks in the foundation sealed by working it through together and making it to where you both are on the same page again. ~ Jennie Freestone

Real men have a code, and they don’t break it. No cheating. Period. If you’re pulling away from someone to be with another, you need to make a decision. And for those who like wrecking people’s relationships, here’s the bottom line: If the man/woman you’re with is cheating on someone else to be with you. The man/woman you’re with will cheat on you with someone else. Cheating is cheating, and cheaters can’t be trusted. Period. Remember that when you consider stealing someone else’s cool aid. ~ Paul Hale

It all comes down to a persons character some people just do not have morals, or respect and are inherently selfish. There is no excuse for cheating period as it it is a conscious decision. you can choose to end your relationship or you can choose to work on the problems in your relationship( if there are some) Contrary to popular belief there do not have to be underlying problems in a relationship for someone to cheat that is actually a very ignorant belief. Like i said it all comes down to a persons character. ~ Shani Mills

Nothing is ever that black and white, that is life! If your with someone your with them. If you have to flirt with others then there is something missing in your relationship and should not be with the person your with. It’s as bad as sleeping with them. Love is the answer but we all have to live and learn. Everyone is put on our path for a reason – either to teach yourself or them a lesson. A blessing or a lesson. Deal with it or let go and move on. ~ Jane Wheeler

If you’ve made your mind up and you’re going to be with another person, I think one should end a relationship before starting another, no two ways about it. ~ Some people like to have their cake and eat it regardless of the hurt they cause to their partners. ~ Jane Wheeler

The heart ache will be there anyway. It’s the pain of deception that hurts when people cheat. It’s the pain of realizing that you can’t ever trust them again like before even if you really want to. ~ Donna Rogers

People who feel the need to cheat do it for their own convenience. They are usually self-obsessed pleasure seekers. Lecturing them is a pointless exercise as they usually have no sense of morals. ~ Muriel Binek

No heart ache here because once a cheater always a cheater and when both participants cheat to be with each other just means the viscous cycle will never stop. ~ Kyra Barnes

Love, be with or leave me alone. I won’t beg or force him to stay if he don’t want to. I just ask him to just be a MAN about it. ~ Patricia Johnson

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