Don’t let anyone steal your joy & happiness

Don't let anyone steal your joy & happiness

I’m really thankful to God for all what I really have in life. God blessed me with so much love. That includes you. God bless everyone, and everything around us. ~ Elena Agbay 

The best way to be happy is to let go of the things that makes you sad. Learn to appreciate what you have.

If we compare ourselves to the less fortunate we will always be happy and that is how I live.

We forget what we have and put our eyes to things which are not ours.

Gratitude – the great mental and emotional elixir that shifts focus from the people, places, and things we don’t have or want towards appreciation and acceptance to that which we do. It also prevents dwelling on things we wish were different and grounds us in the moment of now – let go, shift, pivot, and move one right step forward, repeat, reward. Also, toxic people buzz around consistently like discontent wasps all around. They’re unavoidable. It’s reacting appropriately and patiently, even when stung, that keeps this ride called life as smooth and serene as possible. ~ Wally Peterson 

Happiness is when you trust someone more than you trust yourself no matter what happened.

Some people have difficulties seeing other people happy. I was once told I was lucky because I had a good life, an assumption made because I looked happy. The person had no idea just how difficult my life was and staying cheerful was my way of dealing with day to day struggles. I had no intention of allowing their negative approach to change me. ~ Sue Howard 

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