Don’t make room for people who cause you pain

Don't make room for people who cause you pain

People are like doors. At times, you carelessly push the ones you need to pull & pull the ones you should have pushed away. ~ Rohini Neola 

Respect self! Not allowing self to be like them. Abuse is abuse, setting boundaries, there’s nothing wrong with that. Regardless of opinions of others, they didn’t walk in my shoes. ~ Deanna Dawn 

People will only respect you when you respect yourself. Don’t let others walk over you. Stand strong. Get up and get it going. Life never stops for anyone. They don’t deserve you and when they will realize it will be too late for them. Treat yourself, reward yourself and respect yourself first.

There are good reasons to cut some ties. Some of your attitudes portray your own lack of respecting others boundaries and showing respect for another human being. There is more immaturity, unforgiveness and hate than some of you will be able to tolerate at a time in your life when you really need another. Some of you think before you cut off and consider as worthless to you. For someday surely others will catch on that you are not a person they can depend on for anything. You think you would be ok with that. There will come a time when you won’t be. ~ Diane Everhart 

People will make excuses and justify for their hatred towards others. I make sure my children are taken care of at any cost. I will not abandon my family or friends, but I will make a stand in letting them know I have set boundaries. I’m not a doormat neither is anyone else. God has a purpose and a plan for our lives and it’s not to be used/abused in any manner, it’s to turn to Him in every situation, forgiving them and self, even if it means to love them from a distance, praying for them not allowing them to destroy. Some people make a choice not to change, we can’t change their hearts/soul/mind, it’s a choice they have made to hold on to that hatred, self pity, ego, pride, bitterness and claim to be a victim (of their own hatred thinking the world owes them) Pray for the lost souls, let us set an example of what it’s like to love and some loving from a distance. ~ Deanna Dawn 

Sometimes they even own up to their behavior, but be cautious, because it may be an attempt to pull you back into their talons. Let go, let go, let go. It’s not because you don’t want to believe. It’s not because you’re not capable of forgiving. It’s because they don’t deserve yet another chance. ~ Tammy Squires 

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