People who don’t value your feelings

People who don't value your feelings

For a minute I want you to imagine standing in your kitchen. I want you to imagine opening your refrigerator and pulling out a lemon. Feel the weight in your hand, as well as the coldness of the lemon. Give it a good squeeze and feel its firmness. Now I want you to imagine getting a sharp knife and gently cut the lemon in half. Now Smell the lemon, then take a bite of the lemon. As your mouth is probably watering, and your wondering what this has to do with the post. My point is just because you have an emotion, or feeling, doesn’t mean its based in reality. It is 100% reliant upon your thoughts, and beliefs that filter the world around you. Just as my words here initiated a physical response in your body so to will all of your thoughts, even the imagined ones. In this way you are 100% responsible for your emotions, and what you do with them. I have met many people who use this same type of emotional manipulation to get sympathy, money, a job, just to name a few. But don’t let the feelings of others dictate your own actions unless they ring true for you. ~ John Kooistra 

You need to pray for those who have hurt you, or misunderstood your loving good intentions for them. One day they will realize you care for them deeply and want the best for them. It hurts when they pretend to care and cause drama, yet do nothing to participate or include the family members they pretend to care about. We forgive them even though they don’t accept the forgiveness, and even though they do everything for other family members but nothing for you. We pray for family unity anyway, and we love them because that is what God teaches us to do. We forgive because that is what God expects us to do, even though they do not reciprocate. Pray, love, forgive! ~ Patty Rushing 

Walk away from what makes me unhappy, leave behind all the stress and start again, don’t know where I will be but it will be good because it’s me that will decide how I live my life and no one else. ~ Emily Jenkins

Someone else will value them we just have to wait.

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