Scars are like battle wounds – Beautiful, in a way

Scars are like battle wounds - Beautiful, in a way

Scars are nature’s tattoos.

Scars can come with the most amazing stories of human experience. ~ Khadine Aharon 

We all have scars to remind us how we heal and know the memory of the pain, whether inside or outside they radiate our courage and strength to overcome the sorrow. ~ McLellan Mackie 

Scars on the outside are only marks of survival what we have inside and our life is far more beautiful and important. No one who is surviving is ever ugly girl. ~ Madonna Grogan 

It isn’t so much what happens to us in life, but how we choose to see it that matters. It can make us stronger or weaker, depending on how we choose to see it.

I was in a bad accident when I was 18 years old, a surgeon saved my life. They would not let me see my face for several days and when the day came for me to see it, the same surgeon was at my side. This is what he said, ”Before you take a look in the mirror I want you to know you will be shocked, you will have scars as we needed to stop the bleeding quickly and could not skin graft, but before you look, you should choose for yourself if you want to carry those scars around for the rest of your life like a bag a luggage or carry them like a trophy as you being alive is a true miracle.” So I chose the Trophy and yes scars are beautiful, so is life and everything in it. ~ Leanne Kingston 

Two open heart surgeries and other surgeries, they have all become my badges of courage. At times it is so hard to look in the mirror and realize how much I have survived. Anyone who has come through these kinds of things must look at those scars and know you are blessed. ~ Sarah Savage 

When we talk about the scars it makes me smile. I still remember some of my friends have comment on my legs, they say, “Joy! you have a nice legs but the problem is there are scars on it.” and I said, “Its ok, its just an art. I’m still confident in wearing shorts and skirt. ~ Joy Siboa

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