When you choose to Forgive those who have hurt you

When you choose to Forgive those who have hurt you

Holding on to anger and hurt ties you to the experience you really need to let go of. The hurt stays with you, not them, until you forgive from your side of things. Go for it! ~ Donagh Mc Keown 

We need to forgive to heal our own hearts. Once we forgive, they can’t hurt us anymore and I’ve learned over the years to put people where I can handle them in my life. So far, it’s working out okay. ~ Heather Timmons 

Forgiving doesn’t mean you forget. It only means you let go of the hate you have for the person who hurt you so this way it doesn’t consume you anymore. That doesn’t mean you give them a chance to hurt you again. It doesn’t mean you have to trust them again either. It simply takes away their power of consuming your thoughts and emotions which can be overwhelming when it happens. ~ Ana Torres 

When you forgive you are doing it for you not them. You aren’t saying that what they did was okay or right all you are doing is giving your self permission to move on. To let go of them and the event that is haunting you, constantly tormenting you, keeping you held to them and the past because of what they did. You don’t have to forgive them and become their best friend or even have them in your life because that is a choice that we can let go of people that aren’t good for us or that have negative attitude and therefore only bring us down. But honestly, as others have mentioned here, forgiveness is all about you. When you forgive you let go of the thoughts and then you no longer being controlled by the thoughts, the events, the people that are all associated with this thing that you have just forgiven. It is truly a freeing and empowering thing to do for you and to you. ~ Kathleen Emmons

Forgiveness is not easy but it is necessary to detach yourself from the person that hurt you, so you can move on without carrying the pain with you. It has nothing to do with the person sincerely apologizing to you, you excusing what they did, why they did it or how they could do it and feel no remorse; it’s simply a step in your healing process. They didn’t make a mistake; they made a choice, a conscious decision to do whatever they did with no regard for anyone but their own selfish needs/wants. It’s up to you to make the choice to forgive – to move on, to learn from good & bad experiences, to stop the pain, to take back the power, to be happy. You are much stronger than you realize; never settle for less than you deserve, take charge of your life and be accountable for your actions. You cannot control what anyone else does and no one can have power over you unless you let them. You have to forgive to be forgiven. It’s a strength to show mercy and grace to yourself and others, not a weakness. ~ Gina McCormick 

If you fail to forgive others, it only hurts you more and through stress it ain’t going to do you any good mentally. ~ Nick Dombkowski 

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