You don’t need a reason to help people

You don't need a reason to help people

We don’t need a reason to help people, and it’s none of our business why they need help, and we are not to put conditions on our willingness to help them. It’s called co-dependence. I am always helping people to my own detriment. Always be good to yourself first. ~ Cheryl Lagow

I try to do something nice for someone everyday. ~ Lionel Reed

More random acts of kindness is what the world needs more of. ~ Cathy Corzine

If we have to start rationalizing with ourselves as to why we “have” to lend a helping hand, then we are doing it for the wrong reasons. It should come from the heart naturally, ie: “we don’t need a reason”: implying, mankind should be instinctively willing, able and inclined to serve. Wouldn’t that just be an amazing world?

Helping is self-satisfaction and not expecting anything in return, a volunteer act. ~ Babuschka Lorenz

I’m always the one that think of everyone else but myself I try to help everyone I can but sometimes their line you do have to draw cause people do see and know that your that type of person and I myself have gotten taken advantaged of because if it, but I still continue to help others it’s just in my nature and I would say GOD’S will for me to do so. ~ Merrenda Lankford

Just help someone while we can, we never know what could happen to us tomorrow and whatever we do to help at least one, is all about God Himself we done it for. ~ Gisele Joseph

All you need is God’s love in your heart, compassion and a great desire to help others. ~ Bethsaida Segui

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