A patient person receives the best Love story

A patient person receives the best Love story

Don’t go looking for love. It will find you. There is always someone out here for everyone. Let it come naturally. ~ Rita Horton

Do you guys think a Fairy Tail kind of love really exist or is it just a human illusion which is only created by our self based on what we may see in a movie love story? All new beginning relationships are based by physical attraction or the excitement of the unknown. Often confused with being in love but it only last for short period of time. Ones the illusion dies everything we imagined should be slowly will start to disappear. What once we thought it was love often times turns into hate. Not everyone that is alone feels lonely and not everyone that is taken is in love. The only ever lasting true love there is is the love of God. ~ Roxana McCarty 

That happened to me, and now we’ve been married 41 years. (I think our marriage is going to work, but it’s hard to tell, because we’re still on our honeymoon.) ~ William Blake 

I found in my second chapter in my life, with everything I’ve lost I have met a soul mate who puts me first and loves me unconditionally. Of course this is very much reciprocated. ~ Deborah Jane 

Despite everything, patience is a virtue. When we rush love we end up with what we don’t want. I’m being patient this time and focusing on getting myself together so I can be ready when the real thing comes along. ~ Amber Williams 

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