Don’t give up because of what someone said or did

Don’t give up because of what someone said or did

Don't give up because of what someone said or did

Just because someone is trying to bring you down doesn’t mean you have to give up. The best way to win is to prove that you are stronger than them. Let it be like water off a ducks back. Let is slide right on off. ~ Tasha Woolett 

Any derogatory remarks or snide comments can be taken as a challenge in itself, for one to rise above all that inconsequential trivia from such petty minded folks who have made it a business to constantly belittle and berate your efforts and try to run you down from the word go. Retaliate by trying all that much harder to prove them wrong by showing you’re made of sterner stuff. Its all the more reason not to quit on their say so but rather go the extra mile and make them eat their very words and showing them up for their very pettiness. ~ Margaret Young 

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