Forget what Hurt you

Forget what Hurt you

Let go, leave it behind, and move on to bigger & better things. Keep it positive and live a good life.

You must speak forgiveness and set the person free before you can be free. Even if you have to do it over and over again until you feel that you have done it. For your own sake. ~ Dora du Plessis

The pain will eventually diminish as long as you are not allowing the perpetrator to continue to hurt you. If they are not remorseful and continue their painful behavior it would be better to distance yourself from them. In the reply above I talked about the confusion between “forgiveness” and “acceptance.” This confusion has caused so many of us to prolong our suffering. Accept that you were hurt and let it become a lesson to strengthen you and not hold you prisoner. ~ Wcnr Smith

We always have lessons learned in every pain we had. We just learn to let go of the hurt and with God’s help and guidance we can move on with a sweet smile on our face. Have positive thoughts, it would help a lot to see the bright side of life and let go of the pain. ~ Mavic Anglo 

How much stronger and more of a better person that you become inside from what you have learned from being hurt. At least it has done that for me in life. Always learning and try to stay positive while doing it. ~ Darlene Rutledge 

Forgive not only them but also ourselves and give ourselves time to heal and move on. ~ Judith Jabian 

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