If someone wants you in their Life

If someone wants you in their Life

It has to be reciprocated. If only one person fighting to keep the love alive or whatever circumstances. It should be both. If one is not doing their part, then he or she doesn’t love you enough. Time to say goodbye. Love is a two way street. ~ Julie Armstrong 

Life is hard, but you must be realistic and it will hurt. It is better to withdraw to being friends than expect any unequal relationship to eventually work out. Neither can you change the other person. They will if you are important enough to them, but you can’t be promised or wait for it. There are in this era of technology so many people to meet and get to know that you can’t be attached to someone who isn’t ready or willing. ~ Robert Rotella 

If someone pushes you out of their life maybe you shouldn’t fight so to be a part of it. If someone pushes me away I’m not going to fight to be with them. Why would I want to be with someone that just pushed me out. If they push me out of their life then they will be gone from mine forever. ~ Olga Bingham 

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