When you don’t get what you want

When you don’t get what you want

When you don't get what you want

Why are we always wanting something. How often do we stop and thank God for all we have. We want instant gratification, all the time, and a NO to our wants usually means a temper tantrum. Just watch a child in a toy store, or a grocery store when he or she wants something and the parent says no. We are those children. That is nothing to be proud of. Want something. Deny yourself and see how long you can go before you TREAT yourself to your want. After all, you deserve it. ~  Linda Hardman 

When I treat myself to something I need instead of what I want, the outcome usually comes out great. ~ Mike Peters 

Comfortable life may not be comfortable in the long run. Just look at many people who desire worldly comfort all the time and end up riddled with pain and chronic illnesses as they age. Only the Lord’s comfort is the best therapy in our lives. ~ Gan Tang Lip 

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