You can’t always wait for the perfect time

You can’t always wait for the perfect time

You can't always wait for the perfect time

A leap of Faith is sometimes necessary to get the ball rolling again.

There isn’t such a thing as the ‘perfect time’. When push comes to shove, you go with the flow and the motion. ‘No risk, no gain’ . Go for it as the saying goes, ‘time and tide waits for no man’ so there’s no better time than the present, the now. ~ Margaret Young 

Things will never be perfect, even “timing” so search your inner soul and follow the option that gives you peace. Real peace, inner peace, not just peace for the moment because it sounds good. ~ Lisa McEntire

I have many people who are wanting to make a change for themselves for a healthier life but when it comes time to commit they step back either from fear of failure or thinking its not the right time. ~ Nicki Cooper 

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