How you see your future is much more important?

How you see your future is much more important

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step forward!

It can make us a better person if we stop the noise within us & listen to our hearts. It never lies. You have all the answers.

The past is the past, our power lies in this NOW moment, which creates our Future. Don’t keep bringing the past with you, unless you want to keep creating a good experience from it, otherwise leave the past behind and learn from it, and move forward with the New (Now). ~ Sigh Willy 

It’s important to learn from our past and then let go. We can’t embrace the future while living in the past and it’s important to look to the future, but if we live in the future we might confine ourselves to a specific direction. Living in the future we miss the opportunities that are passing us by right now. So it’s important to let go of the past, look to the future, but live right now because you never know, the decision you make right now might take you on a different journey than you could have ever imagined possible in your future. ~ Kathryn Bosch

The past doesn’t always have to be bleak, it could be beautiful, but the point is, bleak or beautiful, life’s moved on. It’s no use crying over the heart burns that kept you up all night long, just as equally it’s no use gloating over past measures of the happiness or success. We all had had our own moments of the bleak and the beautiful, but we have lived the moments and now it passed us by to have more of the beauty of the past we need to look ahead and work towards it. Forgot the sad part and cherish the happy times and walk on in the path of life always towards a happier, more beautiful future. ~ Mary Tayeng

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