Make someone appreciate your absence

If someone doesn't appreciate your presence

You can never know the importance of water until the stream runs dry.

Don’t worry about their appreciation. Just be yourself and move on.

If they don’t appreciate me , they aren’t worthy to be around me to begin with.

If someone doesn’t appreciate your presence; your absence is not going to make any difference to them. It’s better to quietly exit from their life for good. ~ Parul Poojari 

You never know how good something is until it is gone. Treat people will kindness and respect, when your not around they will miss you more and more. ~ Michael Cook 

When someone you appreciate dies, you appreciate their presence and remember them for it. Appreciate your life and your loved ones, so you don’t have to “appreciate” their absence. Nobody should have to appreciate absence when you can live in the moment. ~ Ashley Rowack 

I don’t believe in forcing one’s presence on those who don’t wish it, its a futile exercise in itself and damages one’s self esteem and confidence. Keep company with those who appreciate and value you and don’t waste it on those who don’t. ~ Margaret Young 

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