Someone who doesn’t care about losing you

Someone who doesn't care about losing you

The person who didn’t care will realize eventually what they lost.
I’m just wondering when the female race will stand up and learn to empower one another rather than constantly try to belittle and bring each other down. I’m trying every day to empower and bring strength to my fellow female friends, but there are so many negative and cruel people out there who let their own insecurities and jealousy ruin good things. I hope one day this will all change and until then I will try to get these people out of my head. I know I am the better person, but it still hurts. ~ Megsie Vee Dee 
It’s a story of a friend a very shy, very reserved personality, she got married not knowing what she’s getting herself into a new era of marriage life. She experience the most unexpected marriage life with abuse, insult, heartfelt abuse words, got beaten up by her abusive husband, she tried to leave her husband but held herself back for the well being of her 2 boys. Each time she got abuse by her husband for not having sex, at times she forced to have sex at times even by force shall not mention. She carried & talk her self to God when will all these end. She does see the light at the end of the tunnel. Her prayers was answered God sent her the guidance in the form of a friend to help her out of the hell she was in. She let her husband managed her both son’s even though she had no shelter on her head nor a helping hand from her family. They dislike her for divorcing her husband, but she manage to move on in her life because of the one friend who came into her life like an angle, the force that push her to the limits where she is write now. Have faith in God, who says angels don’t exist, they do & they are called friends. ~ Satwant Pinky 

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