The person you thought would never hurt you

The person you thought would never hurt you

Expectation is the seed of resentment. No one is perfect; don’t expect them to be.

Remember you can always turn to the one that will never hurt you.

To move past it takes a lot of time, self reflection and then the healing can begin.

Everyone will eventually hurt you, the key is to find those that are worth the pain.

We all have been hurt and we can all get over it, by believing in our own true worth. No one can hurt you if you don’t let them.

Painful! It happens and we’ll hurt others that we love as well. There’s no perfect people.

The problem is you set yourself up for failure. You put an unrealistic expectation on another person. We all disappoint each other from time to time. ~ Mick Kruger 

Never rely on anyone to make you happy or to be the source of your trust or lifeline. Always keep your guard up. Everyone is human and will make mistakes in this life and you will be hurt and betrayed in the process of living but it is always lesson learned and it will make you stronger and wiser. ~ Ana Luisa

No one is perfect. With all relationships there are bound to be disappointments. It is how we cope with them and grow from them (or not) that determine the strength of that relationship. ~ Stealth Kim 

Disappointments are in your own mind and probably weren’t a consideration in the other’s mind. If it was, it is their karma to be faced. If it is a trust issue, a promise not carried out, that hurt can be carried by you forever, until you forgive. ~ Dianne Starick 

There are some people we meet in our life who become our friends because we get on so well with them. The others are good teachers. The life is worth living and people are wonderful pearls which we collect as we go along our path called” life”. We are only richer when we value the experience.

When it is from the one true love of your life. It is the worst feeling in the world. ~ Valerie Reynolds 

Beware of people who say, “I would never hurt you. They are the ones who will hurt you the most”. ~ Keli Taylor 

I been hurt so many times, I feel like I’ve got a “kick me” sign stuck to my back. lol but, I pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep looking up. Yes! And forgive those who are doing the hurting and really try not to hurt anyone. ~ Janice Silvera

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