Your happiness is not dependent on people who don’t love and respect you

Your happiness is not depended on people who don't love and respect you

Laughter is good for the soul.

Be happy from your heart without any reason.

The joy of a child is for life itself & being alive. We lose that as we grow old.

If you are always happy it makes the other people wonder what you have been up to and what are they missing. ~ Karla Lahde 

Keep up with your spontaneous laugh, and don’t let any grown up destroy it or steal if from you. ~ Marianna Patchett 

My happiness is my responsibility. If someone wants to make me happy, that is their choice, but not their responsibility. ~ Mairead O Hailgheanain 

“Happy” events are icing on the cake (assuming you like cake!). But true joy comes from the soul. If events/life circumstances were the source of true happiness, a shopping spree would make everyone in the world happy. Obviously not everyone likes shopping. That, right there, proves happiness is subjective. It’s not like if someone took away the sink and the toothbrush, this little girl would be unhappy. She’d just create the moment of the happiness, she already obviously feels inside, doing something else. It’s not the event that’s making her happy. ~ Pyla Penee 

What’s great about kids, they don’t have to think or train themselves into feeling a certain way. They experience all of their emotions freely without feeling guilty about it. Only as adults we are trained when, where and how to feel and try to reprogram our mind to be at peace or think positive and be happy. Life experienced as a child is new, fresh, exciting, they haven’t had years of disappointment or heaps of responsibility, years of mundane routine, and if they are lucky, they are having all their needs met physically and emotionally and much of the time given positive attention from others because they are a child, adults coddling and playing and telling them how cute they are. The world is experienced differently when you are a child and not only that, but a child is naive to the evils and biologically their brain functions differently as an adults as it is still developing, so an adult will never be able to feel the same happiness that is expressed as a child. ~ Erica Costa

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