Don’t take anyone else’s ego issues personally

Don't take anyone else's ego issues personally

Never let another affect your self esteem. They have multiple issues of their own.

If you are your only hope, then there is not much hope for you.

Search for the light in every person, in every day, in every instance. By showing love to others it is amazing how quickly you see the love of others. A beautiful sunset, the singing of birds, with all the anger and sorrow in the world every little bit of happiness, love and light is a ray of hope. ~ Cheryl Helsby

We live in the world of ‘ME’. There’s an attitude with a lot of people that they’re better than everyone else and the world revolves around them. Big egos = Small Hearts

There are people who misunderstood me for so long and keeps on talking negative things about me which happens to be just a mere gossip. Half truth is a lie indeed. ~ Anna Liza

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